Caja - File Manager

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Caja is the default file manager for the MATE Desktop Environment. It makes it easy to manage, manipulate, and customize files and directories. Caja can access local and remote filesystems such as SSH, FTP, and WebDav (HTTP/HTTPS).

Caja also provides the desktop background and the icons it uses for launching links and applications, as well as accessing files, directories, the trash, and removable media like CD/DVD/BD and USB drives.


   caja [OPTIONS...] [URI...]


          Open a browser window.

   -c, --check
          Perform a quick set of self-check tests.

          X display to use.

   -g, --geometry=GEOMETRY
          Create the initial window with the given geometry.

   -t, --tabs
          Open URIs in tabs.

   -n, --no-default-window
          Only create windows for explicitly specified URIs.

          Do not manage the desktop (ignore the preference set in the preferences dialog).

          Manage  the desktop regardless of set preferences or environment (on new startup

   -q, --quit
          Quit Caja.

          Print current version information and exit.

   -?, -h, --help
          Print standard command line options.

          Print all command line options.

   This program also accepts the standard GTK options.

Build / Install

Simple build procedure:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive   # Init Git submodules
$ ./ --prefix=/usr                # Build configuration
$ make                                      # Build

For installation to a separate prefix change the above ./ command to:

$ ./ --prefix=/an/other/path

After building the package you may install it:

[ Become root if necessary ]
$ make install                              # Installation