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Package specific tasks

This are some package specific tasks for future releases:

Package Name Task Link
caja add option to drag a tab to create a new window #454
caja add option to turn off generic icons in listview #26
caja Update caja integration with tracker search engine tracker dev documentation - Nautilus git log
engrampa add libarchive support #52
libmatekbd Consider dropping libmatekbd for libgnomekbd
libmateweather Consider dropping libmateweather for libgweather
mate-applets add mount point or device blacklist for drivemount applet #24
mate-applets option to show several cores and processors in one cpufreq applet instance #50
mate-applets make cpufreq applet work with intel_pstate driver #173
mate-control-center cache thumbnails for desktop backgrounds in appearance properties
mate-menus option to enable/disable preferences categories #35
mate-session-manager in properties dialog, show running apps that can/will be saved on exit #113
pluma add plugin to show (and maybe change) line endings type #50

General Tasks

This are some general tasks for future releases, that are not specific to a certain package:

Task Link
Add support for AccountsService
Complete support for systemd-logind
Add support for Wayland
Add support for the meson build system