This page describes how to contribute to the MATE Desktop Environment.


Hi! We are the MATE Desktop Team and we are glad you found your way to this page. We always need new people who want to help. Help can be done in many several ways and everyone can help in one way or another. Yes, we said everyone, because the MATE Desktop is composed of so many different bits and pieces; not finding anything that suits you is almost impossible. The most important thing is that you are motivated and have a willingness to learn.

To make the initial steps as easy as possible for you, we set up some tutorials. Currently there are tutorials for artwork and themes for software development and for translation.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to come and ask us.


All MATE channels are on the server.



They are also available on the Matrix server.

Main channel

#mate - Main MATE channel (discussion, support, bugs, installation help)

Other channels

#mate-dev - Development related discussions channel

#debian-mate - Channel for MATE packaging for Debian on []( server.

#fedora-mate - Channel for MATE packaging for Fedora

#msb - Channel for MATE packaging for Slackware

#opensuse-mate - Channel for MATE packaging for openSUSE

#ubuntu-mate - Channel for Ubuntu MATE Remix project