MATE Control Center

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mate-control-center is a graphical user interface to configure various aspects of MATE.

When run without arguments, the shell displays the control center overview, which shows all available configuration panels. The overview allows one to open individual panels by clicking on them. It also has a search entry to find panels by searching keywords.


   mate-control-center [OPTION...]


   -?, --help
          Print the application's help options and exit.

          Print GTK help options and exit.

          Print application and GTK help options and exit.

   --hide Hide on start (useful for preloading the shell).

          X display to use.

   This program additionally accepts the standard MATE and GTK options (as listed with

Build / Install

Simple build procedure:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive   # Init Git submodules
$ ./ --prefix=/usr                # Build configuration
$ make                                      # Build

For installation to a separate prefix change the above ./ command to:

$ ./ --prefix=/an/other/path

After building the package you may install it:

[ Become root if necessary ]
$ make install                              # Installation