Building and Installing

To run the newest version of a MATE project, often it is not enough to build it from source (i.e. it can not be executed with ./my-program). To work properly it need to be installed, because the installation process ensures that all the needed files are copied to the right places.


First make sure you have all dependencies of the package installed:

$ sudo apt build-dep <package-name>
$ sudo dnf builddep <package-name>

All MATE applications are built in the same way:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive   # Init Git submodules
$ ./ --prefix=/usr                # Build configuration
$ make                                      # Build


Warning: This procedure doesn’t install in a separate prefix, so it may overwrite your system binaries.

After building the package you may install it:

[ Become root if necessary ]
$ make install                              # Installation


To uninstall just do:

[ Become root if necessary ]
$ make uninstall