Jasmine Hassan (jasmineaura)

Biography? meh.

Various projects I'm currently involved in: http://github.com/jasmineaura http://jas.gemnetworks.com

A lot of my work remains unpublished, but here are some, various published works (off the top of my head):

Some fun on Linux-PHC: http://linux-phc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=111

_PSS package calculator (in javascript) for AMD K8 Processors: http://jas.gemnetworks.com/DSDT_PSS/calc.html

Some BIOS/DSDT/SSDT and Hardware modding fun:


ProxyRevealer phpBB MOD (currently dormant): https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=1174765

(also did a lot of work on phpBB 3.x, and AutoMOD)

ProxyRevealer is based on IP Unmasker (PoC):


Unreleased XSS work (unreleased because I used it to bust spammers/trolls using web-proxies):



Largely caught up with rights activism for certain minorities, in Egypt.


The grand finale of my American Nightmare, before I fled the country for my sanity :)


- CTO at a small startup in California, serving the SF Bay Area and Northern California (Sacramento/Fresno), with many international clients. Much of my work involved Internet Security, and migrations of SOHO/mid-sized networks and services from Microsoft-Windows/Server-based products to Linux/FreeBSD-based ones (with an emphasis on OSS). High availability solutions I worked with include LinuxVirtualServer (LVS), Linux-HA, and Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD).

- Worked with Sangoma technologies back in 2001-2002 to introduce a prototype, based on LRP (Linux Router Project), that would compete with entry level Cisco routers (including T1/E1-capable routers). And though I introduced it at O1 communications (Sacramento based), the product didn't make it into mass production, however, due to lack of resources, and lack of outreaching to investors on the part of my partners.

- Did a lot of web-based work (mostly php) for custom ISP services management, including: Web, Mail, DNS, NAS/NFS/CIFS, Networked-printing/faxes.

- Various contributions to Gentoo Linux, Qmail/vpopmail, Linux-HA (HighAvailability)


- System administration & Y2K migrations at San Mateo & Mills-Peninsula Hospitals.

- Various work as Information services engineer (Now Electronics, Foster City, and Fry's Electronics, Palo Alto)

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