Some notes for the next releases. This is not a brainstorm page. Please use the forum or the IRC chat to ask for new features.

Release 1.24

  • Migrate remaining projects from dbus-glib to GDBus
  • caja: add option to show thumbnails in listview (#153)
  • mate-applets: make command applet run commands asynchronously (#163)
  • mate-panel: fix remaining vertical panel issues (#157)
  • pluma: port Python plugins to Python 3
  • Improve Metacity support
  • mate-applets: netspeed, Migrate from libiw to libnl (#400)

Release 1.22

  • Move all help/guide translations to Transifex
  • marco: add support for metacity-theme-3.xml format (#105)
  • mate-menus: port to GObject introspection, drop static Python bindings (#59)
  • mozo: port to Python 3 and GI package of mate-menus (#39)
  • python-caja: add Python 3 compatibility (#30)

Future releases

  • atril: use distro-packaged synctex library
  • caja: add option to drag a tab to create a new window (#454)
  • caja: add option to turn off generic icons in listview (#26)
  • engrampa: add libarchive support (#52)
  • mate-applets: add mount point or device blacklist for drivemount applet (#24)
  • mate-applets: option to show several cores and processors in one cpufreq applet instance (#50)
  • mate-applets: make cpufreq applet work with intel_pstate driver (#173)
  • mate-control-center: cache thumbnails for desktop backgrounds in appearance properties
  • mate-menus: option to enable/disable preferences categories (#35)
  • mate-session-manager: in properties dialog, show running apps that can/will be saved on exit (#113)
  • pluma: add plugin to show (and maybe change) line endings type (#50)
  • Update caja integration with tracker search engine tracker dev documentation - Nautilus git log
  • Add support for AccountsService
  • Consider dropping libmatekbd for libgnomekbd
  • Consider dropping libmateweather for libgweather

Old releases

Release 1.20

Released on February 7, 2018. Announcement here.

  • Bump minimum required GTK+3 version to 3.22
  • Bump minimum required GLib version to 2.50
  • Add support for HiDPI
  • Migrate to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks for storing bookmarks
  • atril: implement caret navigation (#281)
  • marco: add DRI3/Present support (#326)
  • marco: implement corner windows tiling (#359)
  • marco: support multimonitor keybindings (#371)
  • mate-desktop: switch mate-about to GtkAboutDialog and drop MateAboutDialog (#282)
  • mate-desktop: support for Global Menu providers such as vala-panel-appmenu
  • mate-panel: improve StatusNotifierItem (SNI) support
  • mate-panel: improve support for in-process applets
  • mate-polkit: drop unused polkitgtkmate library (#39)
  • mate-sensors-applet: add ability to hide temperature units (#22)
  • mate-terminal: add Solarized themes from gnome-terminal (#151)
  • mate-terminal: bump minimum required VTE version to 0.46 (#233)

Release 1.18

Released on March 13, 2017. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • Migrate all remaining packages to GTK+3 and require version 3.14
  • Complete migration from libunique to GtkApplication
  • caja: make folder color work in list view (#410)
  • eom: port plugin system and plugins to libpeas (#71)
  • mate-control-center: add libinput support (#133)
  • mate-settings-daemon: add libinput support (#160)
  • mate-system-monitor: add pkexec support (#85)
  • pluma: port plugin system and plugins to libpeas (#147)

Release 1.16

Released on September 21, 2016. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • engrampa: move to GTK+3 (#140)
  • mate-notification-daemon: move to GTK+3 (#102)
  • mate-polkit: move to GTK+3 (#28)
  • mate-session-manager: move to GTK+3 (#121)
  • mate-terminal: move to GTK+3 (#118)

Release 1.14

Released on April 8, 2016. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • caja: allow managing each python extension separately (#521, python-caja #24)
  • mate-control-center: make all three window focus modes selectable (marco #140)
  • mate-control-center: move to mate-menus (#207)
  • mate-panel: ability to change icon sizes for menubar and menu items (#406)
  • mate-settings-daemon: add the ability to disable volume/brightness osd (#13)
  • mate-system-monitor: move to GTK+3 (#74)
  • mate-system-monitor: run gksu binary instead of loading (which is GTK+2 only) (#81)
  • mate-terminal: support VTE 2.91 API in GTK+3 build (#66)
  • mate-themes: compatibility with GTK+ 3.20 for all themes (#101)
  • mozo: move to GTK+3
  • Merge mate-netspeed into mate-applets (mate-applets #167)
  • Drop MateConf migration scripts

Release 1.12

Released on November 5, 2015. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • atril: use distro-packaged MathJax library (#158)
  • marco: pointer window placement (#123)
  • mate-utils: add timestamp to screenshot filename (#115)
  • Switch to org.gnome.SessionManager name on DBus
  • Move user guide to separate project
  • Add option to toggle GTK+3 overlay scrolling
  • Improve touchpad support

Release 1.10

Released on June 11, 2015. Announcement here. Old status page.

Release 1.8

Released on March 4, 2014. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • caja: Add option to use IEC units instead of SI units
  • caja: Add “Open parent location” option in context menu in search view
  • engrampa: Show always the “extract to” action in caja extension
  • eom: Add shuffle mode in slideshow
  • eom: Migration to lcms2 (#25)
  • marco: Add window snapping (#21)
  • mate-applets: Add undo functionality to sticky note applet (#17)
  • mate-applets: New command applet
  • mate-control-center: Add support for Metacity as window manager
  • mate-control-center: Add support for 'artist' tag in xml backgrounds files
  • mate-desktop: Add user guide
  • mate-desktop: Add mpaste tool
  • mate-media: Middle click on applet toggles mute state
  • mate-screensaver: Show date and time in lock dialog
  • Drop libmatekeyring/mate-keyring for libsecret/gnome-keyring
  • Drop libmatewnck for libwnck
  • Drop mucharmap for gucharmap commit
  • Move caja extensions to caja-extensions package
  • Drop mate-bluetooth for blueman (adding support for Bluez5)

Release 1.6

Released on April 2, 2013. Announcement here. Old status page.

  • Fix deprecations in core packages (Deprecated code)
  • Caja improvements
    • Add support for File Manager DBus Interface (#3)
    • Fix back vs parent directory selection (#19)
  • Atril improvements
  • Panel improvements
    • Add –run-dialog option
    • Window list: middle click button to close window (6d3058da)
  • Control center improvements
    • Add option to enable compositing manager and fast alt-tab
    • Set metacity theme if compiz or metacity are running
    • Use same GNOME proxy settings in gsettings-desktop-schemas
  • Window manager improvements
    • Add option to open new windows on the center of the screen
  • Calc improvements
    • Update to newest non-Vala gcalctool
    • Add buttons to support inverse trig functions (#6)
  • Add option(s) to show notifications only on one screen (#4)
  • Themes improvement
    • Add GTK3 support for most themes
  • Add support for mpris2 to mate-settings-daemon (#7, 9384398)
  • Fix all incorrect FSF addresses
  • Remove libmateui (unused), libmatecanvas (unused), libmatecomponent and libmatecomponentui (replace with dbus)
  • Remove libmate (mate-open replaced with gvfs-open, gsettings schemas moved to mate-desktop package)
  • Support opening a remote terminal in mate-file-manager-open-terminal (#2)
  • Move mixer applet to mate-media package (#22)
  • Sync translations
  • Update .desktop files to indicate MATE variants.

Release 1.4

Released on July 30, 2012. Announcement here.

  • Fix remaining applications in Mate-Extra
    • mate-character-map ported perberos
    • mate-disk-utility removed stefano-k
    • mate-policy-kit removed Amanas
  • Fix mate-keyring (#2) stefano-k
  • Add caja-dropbox package
  • Caja improvements
    • Restore toggle button for button and text-based location bar (#2) stefano-k
    • Add the ability to open bookmarks in the places side pane via the enter and space keys Amanas
  • mate-notification-daemon
    • New themes: coco, nodoka stefano-k
    • Fix big icons issue (#3) stefano-k
  • Fix mate-indicator-applet (not all distros have the required dependencies)
    • Remove indicator-applet-session Amanas
  • Fork gnome-user-share (as mate-user-share) (#3) Amanas
  • Remove evolution dependency from caja-sendto and create a generic email plugin (#13) stefano-k
  • mate-media: remove unworking mate-sound-recorder stefano-k
  • mate-screensaver: add GDM support for user switch stefano-k
  • Add an option to marco to enable fast alt-tabbing when compositing is enabled (#4) Amanas
  • mate-icon-theme-faenza Rowen_Stipe

Release 1.2

Released on April 16, 2012. Announcement here.

  • Fix all about windows with new MATE website Amanas
  • Fix some remaining applications in Mate-Extra
    • mate-menu-editor 78 stefano-k
    • python-caja stefano-k
  • Port other missing applications
    • caja-gksu 76 stefano-k
    • caja-image-converter stefano-k
  • Integration with freedesktop (#44353, commit) nmarques
  • Improve Caja stability
    • Import all useful patches from nautilus stefano-k
  • Improve mate-panel stability
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