Known issues

Panels disappear with murrine themes



The fix is present in Ubuntu Precise and in Linux Mint Lisa. In Oneiric, you can change the GTK theme (right click on desktop ⇒ change background to open the preferences window), or download the fixed GTK debs from Linux Mint repository here and install them manyally with dpkg.

QT apps not styled



sudo apt-get install qt4-qtconfig

and set GTK+ as GUI style under System ⇒ Preferences ⇒ QT4 Settings.

Here's some extra, if you wish to work on resolving this problem:

For the icon theme (in particular the cursor) to be applied in QT apps, it may not be enough to use qtconfig. You might need to create the file ~/.icons/default/index.theme and paste in it:

[Icon Theme]

Caja doesn't use the the right font color in iconview with dark themes

If a dark theme with a dark background for caja is selected, caja opens with the wrong fontcolor in caja-view. Fontcolor is black instead of white. This issue is reported here: #81.


As a workaround you can set the background color under 'backgrounds/emblems' in 'edit menu' for caja-view.

  1. Open backgrounds/emblems
  2. Choose color tap
  3. Click on 'add a new color'
  4. Use the color picker to select the color from caja-view window part
  5. Save the color
  6. Drag the new custom color into caja.

Now caja opens everytime with the right fontcolor in caja-view.

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