Caja User Guide

Caja, the file manager for the MATE Desktop Environment is a fully-functional manager for files and folders of all kinds on modern linux systems. From simple text files to binaries to folders, dvd's music cd's and usb sticks and memory cards, CAJA can and will help you organize and give you quick access to the actions that make your work-flow work for you. Caja :

  • Creates folders and documents
  • Displays your files and folders, across the entire system.
  • Search and manage most everything on your system.
  • Allows one-click/two-click script access and launching of binaries.
  • Can customize the appearance of your files and folders and add emblems for reference.
  • Open special locations on your computer.
  • Writes data to virtually any media USB, CD or DVD
  • Allows Font removal and Installation.
  • Views many different archive files through engrampa.
  • And so much more.

Caja will manage your desktop. The MATE Desktop is an integral part of your experience and sits behind all observable items and is transparent to the user. In MATE like other Linux systems one has a HOME folder and inside that HOME folder lies the Desktop folder. It is there you can see what items the desktop contains. By default it contains the Trash folder as well as a Computer folder and removable media will show up if you for example plug in a USB stick or insert a CD/DVD.


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