Distribution Maintainers

Helpful page for distribution maintainers.

Also worth to have look at known issues page.

MATE Release Lifecycle

MATE only supports the current stable release.

For instance, 1.6 was released so 1.4 is no longer supported. When 1.8 is released, 1.6 will no longer be supported.

Upstream patches

  • desktop-file-utils. Commit #2792eed Add MATE to list of registered environments
  • xdg-user-dirs. Bug #61341 Add MATE to OnlyShowIn in xdg-user-dirs-gtk desktop file
  • xdg-utils. Bug #58861 add MATE desktop support in xdg-settings


NotShowIn Changes, to hide different desktop apps, that MATE supports on it's own. Mostly xfce4/lxde changes


Patches reverting libwnck → libmatewnck renames. Useful in distos where libwnck2 is still avilable

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