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  • stefano-k
  • infirit
  • raveit65
  • flexiondotorg
  • MotoHoss
  • hekel
  • Texou
  • <others tbd> ubuntu folks flexiondotorg has mentioned + anyone else (of course real names as the project progresses)

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Project Outline

Item Value/Detail Progress/Activity Log
A: Defaults Complete see thread below and doc-team-guide
Section B: Original Source Complete doc-team-guide
Section C: Organization In Progress Log
Section D: Transifex TBD doc-team-guide
Section E: Help Links In Progress Log
Section F: Other Uses Done Log
Section G: Manpages In Progress Log

A: Defaults for creating artwork

  1. default MATE Artwork - (theme, backgrounds,icons, etc)
  2. Theme = “Menta”
  3. Background = /usr/share/backgrounds/mate/desktop/MATE-Stripes-Light.png horizontal gradient #31633A/#588C4B
  4. Page for the main index titled “” incorporating the wiki.m-d-o/docs about the origins/history of MATE
    1. that page needs it's own “classy && fancy && dsistinct” logo/png for the mouse-over treatment.

B: Original Source

  1. gnome-user-guide 3.0.0 is the first with the creative commons
  2. a few other programs were not ported to mallard til later- that list will need to be completed.
  3. Initial port minimum of all “GNOME/gnome” references changed to MATE/mate
  4. Initial Files in
  5. Mate-Extra packages such as atril,pluma etc still need to be cherry picked and converted from gnome sources after_ the changeover to mallard (usually 3.0+).

Please feel free to add to this table Both links are needed to verify source is mallard and licensing is correct.

Mate name source for mug- git-tree + zips/gz

Strike throughs are now on the status page. If you notice any that are not please _fix_ it. =)

C: Organization

  1. Decide best method to divide and conquer workload-
  2. needs editing so there is a link
  3. to this page(this document) and it needs a link
  4. to this page for tracking the status.
  5. Mate Doc Team How to contribute examples/explanation
    1. Contents of <revision tag pkgversion,version,status>
    2. details of existing script
    3. plans for future use
  6. Detailed Work Flow Description(s)
  7. Detailed TODO list on status page

D: Translations

  • Transifex
Not important yet but once it is in relatively good shape Stefano or Infirit
will upload the resources to transifex. It will be a huge task for translators
and we need to make sure they do not waste time translating and then
re-translating the same text.

E: Mate "help" links

  1. See the status page for more detail
  2. Example is mate-terminal and all places “help:” is called, how links are handled.
  3. lists needed:
    1. /help/ or /docs/ subdirectories in each application
    2. “help:*” calls/entry for each program application “core” first “extra” next
      1. how to handle the above transition to “mate-user-guide” in each program call e.g.: “yelp: mate-user-guide/mate-terminal”
  4. There is already an ubuntu bug regarding inconsistent help in MATE:

F: Other Usage

  1. Automate html generation, possibly during the build process.
    1. scripts(autoconf setup?) are needed with yelp-build
      1. manpage links will not work until edited(perhaps a script can fix this.
    2. manpages need to be added/converted to html(currently using mandoc for this after it is generated and a link back to the referring page added to them
  2. M-U-G can be used in dokuwiki(
    1. need to make sure the info already @ is incorporated into/covered by the M-U-G
  3. M-U-G can be used in another sub-domain
  4. M-U-G can used as Stand-Alone Documentation/Preview e.g (/usr/share/doc/mate-desktop-environment-docs($core,$extras)/m-u-g/*.html) or whatever

G: Manpages

  1. Manpages- so they are consistent/current with MATE(1.9.+).
    1. need a list of all of them.
  2. Completely rewritten so they come under the MATE umbrella.
    1. need a list of all of them. broken down by the ones that are MATE and the ones that need reworked.
  3. Automate use of mandoc to convert to html and use with F above.

H: More....

  • More:…
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