Code style

Indent style

I would like to use Allman (ANSI) style. Long line is fine too. Recommended tab width is 4, but MATE code style allow you to set any you want. 2 or 8 for example.

Type left, name right

Use pointers at the left side.

void* custom_function(char* name);
int* address = (void*) custom_function((char*) unknown_string);

Void missreading

#define SOME_TYPE_DEF (a) // replace SOME_TYPE_DEF with (a)
#define SOME_TYPE_DEF(a) // replace SOME_TYPE_DEF(a) with none

So these functions should be easy to understand

// define prototype
long int mycustom_someclass_somefunction(char a);
// define block code
long int mycustom_someclass_somefunction(char a)
	return (long int) some_function(a);


Use whatever you want.

Use tabs after each line break, and space to align code hard to read

if (declaration_is_true(some_value))
	static char             b; // <tab> <spaces>
	int                     a; // <tab> <spaces>
	unsigned int            some_long_value; // <tab> <spaces>
	struct my_custom_struct some_misterious_struct;

Long line is fine too

large declarations show you how much of the stack a function uses, so deal with it. Next code is right.

char* omg_my_application_do_all(struct some_custom_struc* object, int* height, int* width, int* x, int* y, char* title, char* tooltip, char* description, char* sub_description, int flags)
	// ...

but you can use code like block on #define

#define SOME_MACRO_WITH_FUNCTION(x, y, z) \
{ \
	long dist = x * y * z; \
	if (dist <= 0) \
	{ \
		dist = 1; \
		err = DIST_IS_ZERO; \
	} \
	prev_defined = dist; \

Use spaces on shell scripts

Do not use tab, use 4 spaces. 2 is too few and 8 is too many. Alignment of arguments is allowed.

If you want to copy and paste some code and run it in a terminal, press the tab key and it will try to autocomplete some words.

Uppercase Vs. Lowcase

Use lowcase for local variables.

Use uppercase for macros.

Use a mix of both on clases, funcions and struct members. Like Java or C#.

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