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MATE translations are managed by transifex.


The following basic suggestions might be useful for translators:

  • Use machine translation and translation memories only as suggestions. Never copy machine translated stuff outright. Quality matters!
  • Install and use a spellchecker and, if available, a grammar tool like LanguageTool. If poedit doesn't provide a spellchecker for your language, extract translated strings with grep msgstr filename.po > file.txt and open it with LibreOffice.
  • Keep in mind that Wiktionary is a good resource.
  • If you're not sure, leave the old translation.
  • Do a search on “mate” in all files, especially if your language is agglutinative. You may well find several instances which need slight corrections after the change from GNOME to MATE.
  • Some strings are already translated by GNOME folks but were not imported, Google can find them. For instance, let's consider “Whether the default browser understands netscape remote.” in mate-desktop. Put that string with the quotation marks on Google's advanced search, choose your language and add one word in the target language. In Turkish, I would choose “tarayıcı” which means navigator, so the query would be "Whether the default browser understands netscape remote." tarayıcı. Admire the results :)


  • Install transifex-client (documentation).
  • Create a .tx/config file for the project like this:
    host =
    file_filter = po/<lang>.po
    source_file = po/$package.pot
    source_lang = en
  • Create the $package.pot files with the command (if you got errors, maybe po/ need to be adapted for MATE renames):
    intltool-update -p
  • Push translations on transifex with one of those commands:
    # push a single language
    tx push -t -l it
    # push more languages
    tx push -t -l it,de,es
    # push all languages, skipping errors
    tx push -t --skip -f
  • Update translations with one of those commands:
    # one language
    tx pull -l it
    # all languages
    tx pull -a --minimum-perc=10
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