Status of GTK3 development

In the next major release of MATE it is going to support GTK3 while still being compatible with GTK2 as well. The development is mainly done by Semmu under Google Summer of Code 2013, with the help of the main MATE developers. You can follow the development at Semmu's GSoC blog.

This site is updated frequently.

Package Status 1)
mate-common Not needed
mate-doc-utils Dropped
mate-desktop Done
libmatekeyring Dropped - replaced by libsecret
mate-keyring Dropped - replaced by gnome-keyring
libmatekbd Done
libmatewnck Done - may be replaced by libwnck
libmateweather Done - may be replaced by libgweather
mate-icon-theme Not needed
mate-dialogs Compatible
mate-file-manager Done
mate-polkit Done
mate-window-manager semmu
mate-settings-daemon Done
mate-session-manager Done
mate-menus Done
mate-panel stefano-k
mate-backgrounds Not needed
mate-themes Not needed
mate-file-archiver Done
mate-system-monitor Done
mate-text-editor Done
mate-document-viewer Done
1) The meaning of statuses:
Not needed: There is no gtk2/3 specific code in use.
Compatible: There is gtk2 code in use, but it is compatible with the new version as well.
Done: There is gtk2 specific code in use and the porting is done.
Pending: The porting did not begin since some package may be replaced by an other one.
Dropped: The package is going to be dropped so there is no need to port it to gtk3.
Empty: The porting did not start yet, we have no information of compatibility.
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