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This page contains all the useful informations for MATE maintainers.


This section covers all the process to release a MATE package tarball in

  • Make sure you're up to date:
    git pull
  • Make sure you don't have local changes and/or revisions:
    git status
  • Increment the version number in or
    AC_INIT([mate-panel], [1.7.1], [], [mate-panel], [])
  • Check the README file.
  • Update NEWS file
  • Generate build system with Make sure to pass –enable-gtk-doc where needed to build gtk documentation.
  • Use make dist to create a new tarball.
  • Check if the ChangeLog in the new tarball was correctly generated from git log. If not check the dist-hook in
  • Run make distcheck and fix any issues it reports. Do note that it runs make check so check README if test(s) fail for any setup that is needed.
  • Build the new package for your distribution and test there are no issues. If needed distribute the tarball within the team for testing.
  • Commit and tag the changes:
    git commit -a
    git tag -a mate-package-name-X.Y.Z
    git push origin master --tags
  • Upload the tarball to AutoMate ftp.



This section covers all the process to maintain MATE packages in the official repository at


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