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In my little knowledge of gtk3 and gtk2, I planned to port MATE to Gtk3. Should be nice.

Spanish part
Mucha gente me pregunta: Si la meta es portar MATE a Gtk3, entonces no es mejor tomar los programas de GNOME3 y portarlos ya estando en Gtk3?
La verdad es que muchas aplicaciones de GNOME3 han sido portadas a Gtk3 rompiendo la compatibilidad con Gtk2. Ademas de que han sido modificadas para que sean mas faciles de usar. faciles en terminos de usabilidad, son mas limpias de interface haciendolas mas bobas, algo que limita mucho a los usuarios intermedio y avanzados. Ademas de acostumbrados… Si se utilizara todas las aplicaciones de GNOME3, entonces este fork de GNOME2 ya no tendria sentido. Pero espero que cada uno pueda elegir que aplicacion quiere instalar. Esto es un tema complicado y no lleva a ningun lugar. Evitemoslo…
English part with the help of a machine translator. 1)
Many people ask me: If the goal is to port MATE to Gtk3, then isn't it best to take GNOME3 programs, which have already been ported to Gtk3?
The truth is that many GNOME3 applications that have been ported to Gtk3 have lost compatibility with Gtk2. They have been modified to be 'easy to use' and to have a 'cleaner interface', but also oversimplifying them. This severely limits the intermediate and advanced users, and also users accustomed to GNOME2 and the applications that go along with GNOME2. If all applications were ported from GNOME3, then this form would be meaningless as a fork of GNOME2. But I expect everyone has a choice over which applications to install. This is a complicated issue, and it leads nowhere.
1) please help to fix if you're Spanish, I just tried to get a general idea across
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